Is Your Child Ready For Prep?

When children start Prep, they move to a more structured learning environment, but they continue to learn through play. During play children make decisions, solve problems, develop thinking and teamwork skills, communicate, and develop a positive sense of themselves. Types of play used to help Prep children learn may include: Manipulative: doing puzzles, make necklaces … Continued

The Piazza

A central outdoor gathering place to share food and socialise Why do Sunkids have Piazzas? When developing Sunkids Children’s Centres it was our aim to create “Piazzas” to allow the children and educators a place to share beautiful food and conversation. Incorporating the virtues of sharing, caring and orderliness due mealtimes Following our core belief … Continued

The Physical Environment: The Third Teacher

At Sunkids we value our play environments as “The Third Teacher.” But what does that actually mean? Our centre’s learning and play environments intend to work in tandem with educators and children to provide a setting that fosters learning in a creative, aesthetic and orderly ambience. We provide an environment that is beautiful yet engaging; … Continued

Child Care & Education

Our child care centres are designed to provide secure, age-appropriate environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore. We aim to provide an environment where parents and other family members can feel at home and feel free to call in. Sunkids places significant emphasis on the learning spaces provided for children in our child … Continued

Meditation for your child

Meditation and mindfulness is a craze that’s taking the world by storm for adults. But what about our children? Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessness and we all know that there are definitely times when our kids go berserk and appear to lose their minds. Meditation may be an effective way for you and your … Continued

Healthy lunches to pack for your kids

Parents are usually busy in the morning, rushing around trying to get kids out of bed, dressed, fed, and in the car to child care or school. So it can be tempting to throw together a vegemite sandwich for their lunchbox and call it a day. But did you know that the daily lunchbox you … Continued

Welcome to our new website

Hello and welcome to the new Sunkids website. We thought it was about time for a refresh to ensure our website was as fresh an innovative for our brand as our approach to learning is. From this website, we hope to provide greater information on our centres, as well as provide helpful information to our … Continued