Our Educators.

Dedicated and passionate professionals delivering outstanding service to our families.

Exceptional Care, Unlike Anywhere Else.

Sunkids are immensely proud of our team of caring, passionate and highly qualified Educators throughout each of our centres. They are a team of early childhood education specialists, dedicated to providing children with the best start in life through loving care and learning development.

You’ll find our Educators actively engaged with the children, playing alongside them, allowing play and exploration to unfold, and capturing the key teachable moments to engage children more deeply in the process of learning.

Sunkids Educators are trained in specialised educational methods and theories to provide your child with the very best quality of early education. Educators employ a ‘Virtues approach’ when interacting with children, which is a positive approach to character development, as well as the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ to discover different ways of reaching the children and catering to their various learning styles.

Read on to learn how our team provides your family with exceptional care unlike anywhere else.
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What makes Sunkids Educators so great?

Although the list is virtually never-ending, there are a few unique qualities of our Educators that make them the leaders in the industry. Mostly, it’s about the quality of education and daily experiences provided to our children and families, guiding through the first stages of their lives, building their confidence, and setting them up for successful future with a genuine love of learning.

Highly Trained & Qualified Professionals.

Focused on Quality Play-Based Learning.

Genuine Passion for Educating Children.

A Virtues Approach to Interactions.

Sunkids educator playing with a child and train set

Facilitating Learning, not Teaching.

Our Educators best serve the children’s learning by acting as a facilitator and guide, and by capitalising on teachable moments as they arise naturally in day-to-day situations.

As facilitators of learning, our Educators focus on the classroom environments, how the room and resources are set up and how it sparks curiosity and interest from the children. Our Educators use their partnerships with families to develop an increased awareness of the children’s interests to tailor learning experiences for each child.

Through a focus on facilitating the learning, our Educators draw out the potential in each and every child, providing them with a genuine love of learning.
“I love that as a teacher we are co-constructors of learning, working alongside the children each day to help them make new and exciting discoveries.”

– Rosy, Sunkids Early Childhood Teacher.

A Virtues Approachto Interactions.

A Virtues Approach focuses on the Educator’s interactions with children by recognising their potential and bringing out the very best in each child. It is a positive approach to character development in young children with a focus on prevention, as opposed to the management of behaviour. This approach helps children to guide their behaviour by drawing on their own inherent virtues.

When children learn to live by these principles and values, the development of good character, self-esteem and healthy relationships are natural outcomes. You’ll find Sunkids Educators speaking the language of the Virtues throughout each day to empower children to act on the best within themselves.

With a daily responsibility of shaping the citizens of the next generation, a Virtues Approach ensures we can draw up the very best in each child.
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“We believe in building strong and positive relationships with all children and their families to provide the highest quality of early education. There’s nothing better than seeing the children learn, grow and achieve new milestones each day.”

– Allana, Sunkids Centre Manager.

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The Multiple Intelligences Theory.

An understanding of the theory of Multiple Intelligences is another tool employed by Sunkids Educators to discover different ways of reaching the children in our care.

Each child is an individual that possesses their own unique interests, strengths and ways of processing information. Our Educators recognise there can never be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning, and therefore, provide for the various learning styles, by offering real-world learning situations and opportunities for learning based on the children’s needs, interests and talents.

By catering to the unique learning processes of each child, our Educators provide enriching educational experiences second to none.

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