Our Environments.

Highly engaging, purpose-built spaces to nuture your child’s learning journey and spark their curiosity.

Where Families Feel at Home.

Each Sunkids Centre has been developed with a core belief that children learn best in an environment where they feel happy, safe and content. Therefore, we have purpose-built each centre to provide our children and families with comfortable, safe and relaxing settings where everyone feels at home.

We know that everything in the world is education to young children, and therefore, believe that everything found within our environments must allow children to engage in activities of their own choosing, spark their curiosity, invite quiet reflections as well as shared project opportunities, reflect the real world, and support each child’s learning journey.

Journey through our learning environments and see our beautiful, engaging spaces found within every Sunkids centre.
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Our Environments at a Glance.

What you’ll find within our learning environments is what makes us the leaders in early education…

Age-appropriate Learning Environments.

Beautiful, Natural Learning Resources.

Alfresco Dining Piazzas.

Comfortable Reading Hubs.

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Inside our Centres.

Purpose-Built Indoor Learning Sanctuaries.

Within our rooms, you’ll find beautiful places where children can feel safe and at home. We provide a variety of modern, natural learning resources, cosy nooks, tranquil reading hubs, and engaging play spaces, all of which supports quality interactions amongst our children and educators.

Children naturally learn best in places that facilitate open and flexible interactions and provide opportunities for self-selection which is why you’ll find a series of modular learning spaces within each room, filled with a wide variety of highly engaging learning resources available for the children to use. These spaces are changed daily to provide the children with new and exciting learning opportunities and invitation for play each time they walk through the door.

Take a look inside our Rooms.

Outside our Centres.

Worlds for Exploration & Adventure.

Throughout each Sunkids, you’ll find large, shaded outdoor playscapes that have been expertly designed to provide highly engaging areas ready for exciting exploration and adventure. These playgrounds are complete with sand and water play zones, bike tracks, climbing equipment, interactive garden beds, cosy nooks for relaxation, and areas for all children to run, jump, play and learn.

Sunkids places significant importance in our outdoor play areas as outdoor playtime makes up a large component of each child’s day, and greatly benefits each child’s physical, emotional, social and mental well being. We extend each child’s opportunity for outdoor learning through our range of exterior learning spaces and resources that allow children to learn about the world around them.

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Explore our outside spaces.

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Our Reading Hubs.

Building a Genuine Love for Reading.

Reading Hubs are unique to Sunkids and found within every room from Nursery to Kindergarten. These dedicated spaces provide comfortable and inviting areas that encourage reading and expose all children to the wonderful world of books.

Complete with comfortable cushions, rugs and other soft furnishings, and a large variety of ever-changing books suitable to their age and reading ability, these hubs allow for the children to develop a genuine love for reading alone, with their peers, or as a group alongside their Educators.

Our Piazzas.

Nurturing Little Tummies & Minds.

Mealtimes are special at Sunkids, where our Educators use the time as an opportunity to promote the enjoyment of nutritious foods and social interaction within our alfresco dining piazzas.

Piazzas are communal spaces found in each Sunkids that provide our children and Educators with a place to share beautiful food and conversation during each mealtime.

Children are encouraged to enjoy their meal at their own pace, serve themselves and others, interact with each other, and take ownership of their area by assisting in setting out and packing up. This enriching experience at mealtimes helps develop key social skills and confidence within each child.

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Discover more about how we inspire a love of learning through our holistic approach to your child’s education.

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