What to do this Easter Long Weekend

This upcoming Easter Long Weekend will be a strange and difficult time for all of us. The current social distancing measures in place mean we all should be staying at home and any plans we normally have for travel, visiting relatives, or having guests over for the Easter break cannot happen this year.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, this weekend provides a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together with your family and enjoy a range of fun activities.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite ideas on what to do with your family this weekend…

1. Go Camping at Home.

A weekend of camping with the family is off the cards this year, so why not bring the campgrounds to you!

Pitch your tent in the backyard, complete it with your sleeping bags, torches, and everything else you would normally need for camping. Let the kids get involved in setting it up and enjoy some quality family time together.

2. Build a pillow fort.

Not keen on camping outside? Why not sleep out in the living room for something different?

Grab your cushions, pillows, sleeping bags and blankets, and help your children set up a snuggly pillow fort together. It’ll make the perfect place for indoors camping, or even a cosy nook for family reading and storytelling.

3. Video Call the family.

It’s important to stay in touch and connect with family and friends, especially in those times you’d normally spend with them. With a heap of great video conferencing apps, why not set up a video call and hold a virtual Easter party.

Try apps like Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Houseparty.

4. Read some books together.

Literacy is very important to us at Sunkids, and we encourage children of all ages to explore the amazing world of reading from an early age. This Easter Long Weekend, grab some of your favourite books, switch off all electronic devices, and read some amazing stories together as a family.

5. Get in the kitchen together.

Children absolutely love helping out in the kitchen, especially if they get to mix dry and wet ingredients together. So why not bake a cake, some muffins, or cookies, or perhaps make some pizzas and let the children decorate them as they like.

6. Dance party!

Crank up the tunes, grab some glowsticks (if you have them) and dance the time away with your kids. It’s a great way to stay active, but beware… Baby Shark may be requested multiple times.

7. Draw.

Grab some paper, crayons and pencils and let your children draw to their heart’s content. Feel free to pick up a pencil and join in on the fun too!

8. Setup a Craft Creation Station.

Collect a wide range of recycled materials like paper, cardboard, lids, sticks, leaves, buttons, pom poms, strings, rags, ribbons, egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, etc.

Put them all into a box alongside some glue, tape, scissors, pens and pencils, and let your children explore, tinker and create whatever their imagination comes up with.

9. Play, play and play.

Playing shouldn’t be left to just the kids. Remember, we’re all children at heart. Take this weekend as an opportunity to let out your inner child and play with your children together.

Play with some toys together, empty a box of LEGO and get creating, turn a cardboard box into a car, or even try some dress-ups. You’re never too old to play and have fun!

10. Create a Scavenger Hunt.

Kids love a scavenger hunt, and it could be great practice before the Easter Bunny arrives. You don’t even need to spend time hiding objects and coming up with clues. Instead, create some open-ended hunt prompts for the kids to find “something blue,” “something fluffy,” “something they like to read,” or “something that starts with B.”

Finally, Make the most of it & enjoy the quality time.

For many of us, this opportunity to spend some quality time as a family will come as a blessing in disguise. Life is short and the years tend to tick by so fast, so we encourage all families to really make the most of this opportunity and cherish the moments you get to spend time together without any disruptions or outside interferences. Enjoy the Easter Long Weekend together!

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