ExtraCurricular Programs.

Yoga, Sport, Music & Dance available at every Sunkids for every child.

Sunkids Extra Curricular Program.

Complimentary Inclusion forall Children.

Sunkids has developed our new extra curricular program, run by our qualified and experienced Sunkids Coaches, and available for every child at no additional cost to our families.

Held across three days each week, Sunkids Coaches implement exciting and ever-changing lessons for all children. These lessons include sports, movement and music, yoga, meditation, games and dance.

Our extra curricular programs are suited for all ages of children to ensure every child from babies all the way through to Kindergarten can participate. All lessons incorporated activities that are age-appropriate and are an extension of our Sunkids Curriculum.

Our extra curricular programs are developed to incorporate gross motor, cognitive development whilst enhancing social skills. Through this, the children build confidence whilst being active and having fun.
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Why an Internal Program is Best.

Instead of relying on external contractors, we’ve developed our own internal program with our own coaches & instructors to provide your child the very best.

Sessions are run for a longer time.

Coaches develop connections with the children & families.

Sessions are developed based on the child's interests.

Programs adapted to suit all ages including nursery.

Sunkids Yoga & Meditation.

Movement &Mindfulness.

Our weekly Yoga & Meditation programs introduce children to the wonderful world of yoga and mindfulness. The program targets different body movement groups & breathing practices in all ages and is themed to keep children engaged, interested and excited to learn new skills.

The yoga program helps to improve flexibility, strength and coordination in our children, as well as engages cognitive processing and creative imagination through our adventure stories.

Mindfulness is achieved throughout our meditation sessions, where children are provided an outlet to calm their mind and body, practice breathing techniques, and are provided a chance to relax & reboot ready for a day full of learning.

Regular yoga and meditation has shown to improve concentration and focus in children, as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem and is adaptable to babies from 6 weeks of age, right through to adulthood.

Sunkids Sport & Movement.

Inpsiring the Sporting Stars of Tomorrow.

Each week, the children are introduced to a variety of sports and exercise activities and are provided with the opportunity to try their hand at new sports including Rugby, AFL, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Soccer, Netball, and more.

Older children are able to participate in game-like situations, such as scoring a try, passing a ball, working as a team, meanwhile our younger children work on smaller movement skills like balance, coordination and self-regulation.

Our Sports Program is the perfect way to promote positive attitudes towards getting fit and active. The children develop key motor skills whilst having fun alongside their friends.

Sunkids Music & Dance.

Allowing Children to Move & Groove.

Our Music & Dance program allows for creative self-expression through the wonderful world of music. Children are able to partake in singing, dancing and making music during our weekly lessons adapted to suit each age group from Nursery through to Kindergarten.

The dance programs introduce different styles of dance including Zumba, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, different Cultural Dances, and the ability for self-expression through their own movements to a variety of music.

Our singing sessions allow the children to sing along to their favourite songs, as well as create their own songs about the world around them. These sessions improve language and communication skills as well as boosts confidence in all children.

The children are also provided with a range of musical instruments to create their own rhythms and experience the many benefits of making music. The children also create their own musical instruments through loose parts play and craft sessions.

Music helps ignite a child’s imagination and creative self-expression and is one of the best ways to instil confidence within all children.

Experience our Extra Curricular Programs for Yourself.

Arrange a centre tour during our Extra Curricular programs and you can experience the many benefits for all children first-hand.

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