About Us.

We’ve been providing leading Early Childhood Education and care since 2004.

Our Story.

Shaping Our Next Generation.

Sunkids was founded in 2004 with the aim to provide children with beautiful childcare environments that nurture the whole child. Our founders had the belief that our community and world would only be made better by providing better outcomes for young children and families.

Sunkids is a family-owned Early Learning Provider with 15 Childcare Centres across South East Queensland. We pride ourselves on delivering our proven curriculum within state-of-the-art centres, delivered by dedicated and experienced Educators, alongside the strong-working relationships formed with our parents.


By working closely with our parents, we strive to draw out the potential in each and every child, preparing them for a successful future and developing a genuine love of learning.

15 Leading Childcare Centres Across Queensland.

State-of-the-art Facilities & Learning Environments.

Complimentary Inclusions For All Children.

A Holistic Approach To Your Child's Education.

Strong, Genuine Working Relationships Formed With All Parents.

Nutritious Meals Prepared By Onsite Chefs.

Qualified, Dedicated & Highly Passionate Team Of Educators.

Open Communication Through Owna Application.

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Our Vision.

Education of the Heart, Mind And Body.

Since 2004, Sunkids has been driven by a singular vision: to positively shape the next generation and beyond through our play-based curriculum. We believe that a child’s early years are crucial, laying the foundation for future success.

To us, every child is a precious trust, and as a family-owned Early Learning provider, we emphasize nurturing relationships, cultivating trust, and sharing aspirations.

Children: A Precious Trust

We work hard to be worthy of the trust families have shown by placing their child into our care. We strive to provide all children with the very best to maximise their early education.

Parents: The First Educators

We honour the rights of parents as the first and foremost educators of their children. We develop strong relationships with our parents and work together in the development of their child.

Early Childhood Professionals: The Role of The Educator

Our Educators are fully supported in providing the very best for children entrusted to their care. Our Educators act as facilitators to capitalise on teachable moments as they arise naturally through day-to-day situations.

Curriculum: A Child-Centered Framework

Our emergent curriculum responds to, expands and builds upon the ideas and interests of the children. The children are at the centre of all decisions, and planning to provide them with the very best learning opportunities.

Physical Environment: The Third Teacher

Our centres are a place of inspiration and imagination that fosters learning in a creative, aesthetic and orderly ambience. We will provide safe and secure environments that allow children to learn, play and explore.

Relationships & Respectful Interactions: All There Is

We value the importance of having and demonstrating respectful relationships with the communities around us. These relationships we build between children, parents, and society.

Our Mission.

Nurturing Today, Conquering Tomorrow

Operating 15 Early Learning Centres across Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, our mission is to create nurturing environments where every child is embraced, empowered, and prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

We work closely with parents to draw out the potential in each child, fostering a genuine love of learning and setting them on a path to a successful future.

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Our Commitment to all Parents.

To be truly worthy of the trust you show us by placing your child within our care, all Sunkids employees share the following commitment.

We are committed to providing all children with safe, caring, nurturing & inclusive environmentsat all times.
Within our care, your child will always have the right to…

Feel safe,


Be listened to,


Be involved in decisions that affect them,


Have their cultural beleifs respected & celebrated,


Never be discriminated against,


Have their best interests considered,


Receive the very best education.

sunkids outdoor playground area our environment

Our Environment.

Where Families Feel at Home.

Each Sunkids Centre has been developed with a core belief that children learn best in an environment where they feel happy, safe and content. Therefore, we have purpose-built each centre to provide our children and families with comfortable, safe and relaxing settings where everyone feels at home.

We understand that the world is a classroom for young children. Therefore, we ensure our environments foster self-directed activities, ignite curiosity, encourage both quiet reflection and collaborative projects, mirror the real world, and nurture each child’s unique learning path. 

Journey through our learning environments and see our beautiful, engaging spaces found within every Sunkids centre.

Our Team.

Our People Make The Difference.

Sunkids employs over 400 team members across our centres and support office. Our dedicated team members are collectively committed to providing exceptional care, enriching education, and memorable experiences to every child entrusted to us.

We have a dedicated team of Educators, Teachers, Managers, Food Coordinators, Cleaners and Administration staff that provide our children and parents with experiences unlike anywhere else. 

Sunkids continuously provides all of our team members regular, hands-on and online training and development opportunities to further improve on the high quality of service we provide our children and families.

Want to make a genuine difference in the lives of children each day? Discover what it’s like to be a part of the Sunkids team and view our employment opportunities by visiting our careers page.
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