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Yoga, Sport, Music & Dance Available at Every Sunkids Centre

Sunkids Extra-Curricular Program.

Complimentary Inclusions For All.

Our new extra-curricular program, led by qualified and experienced Sunkids Coaches, is available to every child at no additional cost to families. Sessions are held three days a week and feature exciting, ever-changing activities such as sports, movement, music, yoga, meditation, games, and dance.

These programs are thoughtfully tailored to suit all age groups, from Nursery to Kindergarten, extending and enhancing our Sunkids Curriculum. 


Our aim is to promote gross motor skills, cognitive development, and social interaction, all while building your child’s confidence through active and enjoyable learning experiences.
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Why Our Internal Program is Best.

Unlike external contractors, our in-house program offers several advantages:

Longer session times

Sunkids Stronger connections with children and families

Stronger connections with children and families

Customized sessions based on children's interests

Adaptability to suit all age groups

Sunkids Yoga & Meditation.

Movement &Mindfulness.

Our weekly Yoga & Meditation programs introduce children to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. These sessions target various body movement groups and breathing practices, and are designed to keep children engaged and excited while learning valuable skills.

Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination, engages cognitive processing, and sparks creative imagination through adventure stories. Meditation provides a calm space for children to relax, practice breathing techniques, and recharge for a day of learning.

Regular participation in yoga and meditation has been shown to improve concentration, focus, confidence, and self-esteem, making it suitable for children as young as 6 weeks old and continuing through adulthood.

Sunkids Sport & Movement.

Inspiring Future Athletes.

Each week, children are introduced to a variety of sports and exercise activities, encouraging them to explore new sports such as Rugby, AFL, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Soccer, Netball, and more.

Older children engage in game-like situations, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship, whilst younger children develop balance, coordination, and self-regulation. 

Our Sports Program promotes positive attitudes towards fitness and active living while developing key motor skills.

Sunkids Music & Dance.

Move & Groove.

Our Music & Dance program positively encourages creative self-expression. Children participate in singing, dancing, and music-making in age-appropriate lessons tailored from Nursery to Kindergarten.

Dance sessions introduce various styles, including Zumba, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Cultural Dances, allowing children to express themselves through movement and music. Singing sessions improve language, communication skills, and boost confidence.

Children also have access to a variety of musical instruments to create their own rhythms and enjoy the benefits of music-making. 

Music ignites imagination and fosters creative self-expression, building confidence in all children.

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