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Our services nurture growth, ignite curiosity, and prioritize every child’s well-being for a brighter future.

Our Curriculum.

A Holistic Journey of Learning

At Sunkids, we have developed our own play-based curriculum which encompasses an emergent style of learning. This means that we listen to each child’s interests and ideas and tailor the learning experiences to meet their individual needs and interests.

Our Educators incorporate key elements such as literacy, mathematics and science into the children’s play experiences, exposing them to these key educational foundations in the most engaging and exciting way.

Providing children ownership over their learning and environments results in our centres being filled with confident and enthusiastic learners who are proud of who they are and what they are capable of.

The Sunkids Curriculum draws on best practice in early education from around the world and has been developed as a combination of 6 key areas of focus…
Sunkids Junior Kindy
What our Families are Saying…

“My girl has flourished since joining Sunkids. She is so loved by the educators and I feel at ease knowing she is in such a positive and caring environment. The facilities are fantastic, we receive daily updates through their online platform and no day is the same, she is always learning and exploring something new.”

– Blaire, Parent.

“Can not speak highly enough about Sunkids Oxley! We absolutely love the centre, the staff are so wonderful and caring. Every morning when we arrive all the staff great my daughter by name even if they haven’t taught her. The facilities are great and the activities they do are engaging and educational. The added bonus of all food and nappies being supplied makes our life so much easier!”

– Jessica, Parent

“Sunkids is amazing. We could not be happier. The information and news they share with us is always up to date and friendly staff who are always willing to accommodate us in whatever it is. Our daughter is always happy at drop off and pick up. Not to mention the facility is second to none. Super impressed!!!!”

– Brad, Parent.

“Such an amazing centre with even more amazing staff. My daughter has special needs and the team have been absolutely wonderful, welcoming and encouraging. They embrace the extra care needed to help with her development. I would definitely recommend this kindy to family and friends :)”

– Jayde, Parent.

“New to the center we have had a great experience with the level of care, communication and engagement. The team are friendly, approachable and loving. This is really important when you are leaving your Little ones for the first time. They very accommodating to the special needs of each child/families and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.”

– Lisa, Parent.

Explore Our Program.

Our child-centred curriculum is individualised to suit your child’s needs as they grow throughout their early learning journey.

Nursery 6 weeks - 12 months

Following your home routine, our Nursery Room caters to the needs of your child to nurture them as they develop their first basic skills.

Toddlers 12 - 24 months

Our Toddlers Room allows your child to explore in a safe and enriching environment to develop their emerging abilities, skills and confidence.

Junior Kindy 24 - 36 months

In our Junior Kindy Room, your child will thrive in a nurturing space, engaging in activities that bolster growth, independence, and self-confidence.


Senior Kindy36 - 48 months

In our Senior Kindy Room, we mix structured tasks with play, group time, meals, and rest. We foster independence and assist with toileting for comfort.

Kindergarten 48 months +

In our Kindergarten room, your child gains academic readiness, social skills, and confidence for a smooth school transition, honoring individual needs.

extra curricular sunkids yoga child care kindy

Sunkids Extra – Curricular Program.

Complimentary Inclusions for all.

Our new extra-curricular program, led by qualified and experienced Sunkids Coaches, is available to every child at no additional cost to families. Sessions are held three days a week and feature exciting, ever-changing activities such as sports, movement, music, yoga, meditation, games, and dance.

These programs are thoughtfully tailored to suit all age groups, from Nursery to Kindergarten, extending and enhancing our Sunkids Curriculum. 

Our aim is to promote gross motor skills, cognitive development, and social interaction, all while building your child’s confidence through active and enjoyable learning experiences.

Affordable Learning with Sunkids.

Unlock Kindy For All.

Free Kindy (earlychildhood.qld.gov.au) Sunkids is proud to be part of Queensland’s Kindy For All program during 2024, which brings invaluable opportunities to our Sunkids children and beyond.

Starting January 1st, 2024, eligible children can enjoy 15 hours a week or 600 hours a year of FREE Kindy through the QLD Government Kindy For All program*

Calculate your funding conveniently using the Kindy Savings web page, then discuss the details with your Centre Manager.

Join us on a path towards affordable and accessible Early Childhood Education.


*Free Kindergarten is provided through the QLD Government Kindy For All program, subject to Terms and Conditions. Visit: Free Kindy (earlychildhood.qld.gov.au)
Sunkids  government-approved program free kindy from 1 January 2024
sunkids kitchen nutritional food healthy growth

Sunkids Nutritional Journey.

Our Food Coordinator'Nutritional Artistry.

At Sunkids, we believe nutrition is foundational to a child’s growth and well-being. Active young minds and bodies crave optimal nutrition, and our expert Food Coordinator’s meticulously design seasonal menus to meet this essential need.

Every dish, freshly concocted, not only satisfies even the most selective tastes but also provides a substantial portion of their daily nutritional requirements. Beyond the plate, we integrate the essence of nutrition into our educational framework.

We empower every child, from infants to older children, with the knowledge to appreciate wholesome foods and the benefits they bring.

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