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Providing your child with the best preparation for school and a future of learning.

Sunkids  government-approved program free kindy from 1 January 2024

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Unlock Kindy For All

Sunkids is proud to be part of Queensland’s Kindy For All program during 2024, which brings invaluable opportunities to our Sunkids children and beyond.

Starting January 1st, 2024, eligible children can enjoy 15 hours a week or 600 hours a year of FREE Kindy through the QLD Government Kindy For All program*

Calculate your funding conveniently using the Kindy Savings web page, then discuss the details with your Centre Manager.

Join us on a path towards affordable and accessible Early Childhood Education.


*Free Kindergarten is provided through the QLD Government Kindy For All program, subject to terms and conditions. Visit: https://earlychildhood.qld.gov.au/kindy/kindy-cost-and-free-kindy/free-kindy for more details.

What is Kindergarten?

The Best Preparation for School.

Kindergarten is an educational program available in the year before school that prepares your child for their future of formal education.

The Kindergarten program is facilitated by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers, and focuses on helping children transition to school, develop a love of learning, make friends, and develop skills useful for life.

Sunkids offer a Government-approved Kindergarten program at each of our centres, incorporating our own emergent play-based curriculum that enriches a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Provide your child with the perfect start to primary school by enrolling in the Sunkids Kindergarten Program. Enquire online to arrange a meeting with one of our Early Childhood Teachers.
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The Kindergarten Focus.

Kindergarten is key for all children in the year before school as the program aims to help all children…

Transition to School.

Develop a Love of Learning.

Make Friends.

Develop Key Life Skills.

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Why Kindergarten?

Providing a Confident Start to School.

Kindergarten provides your child with the best possible preparation for a future of formal education and transition into school, whilst helping to develop key skills necessary for success in life.

Through participation in a Kindergarten program, your child will develop their physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities, whilst preparing for the routine and structure of a school environment.

Towards the end of the year, your Early Childhood Teacher will develop a transition statement, which is a document that supports your child’s transition into school, by providing details surrounding their learning and development, their strengths and their support requirements.

Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity for all children to develop key skills and a genuine love for learning. 

Our Kindergarten Program.

Quality Kindergarten @ Sunkids.

Our Government-approved Kindergarten program is available at all Sunkids centres and runs between 8.30am – 4pm each day. Our Kindy children also have access to care in the centre from 6am – 6pm year-round, excluding Public Holidays.

Run by passionate, Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers, our play-based program incorporates your child’s interests into meaningful learning experiences. Our Kindy rooms also share a project approach to learning, completing projects that extend on interest, questions and wonders of the world.

Being within a long day centre provides unique learning experiences for our Kindy children, including shared play environments allowing for sibling interactions and mixed-age grouping where appropriate.

The Sunkids Centre Managers and Kindergarten Teachers work closely with local schools to support each child’s transition, assist families with enrolments and orientations, and to prepare children for the routine and structure of the school environment.

Through play, we look to embed the following 4 key skills areas are into our Kindergarten program…
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Group conversations, contributing to discussions, practising writing through a range of mediums, representational drawings, reading, listening to and retelling stories of interest, and more…


Counting through play, stacking blocks, ordering objects, currency, making patterns sequencing different objects, puzzles, cooking – learning about measurement, weight and mass, predicting what will happen next in play experiences, and more…


Planning and carrying out investigations, exploring the natural environment and its inhabitants, engaging in water play – learning about measuring, floating, sinking, playing with animals, exploring habitats, ecosystems, species, and more…

Health & Physical Education

Participating in lunch box days, discussions at mealtimes, Cooking – learning about nutrition, food sources, food groups, engaging in planned & spontaneous group games, exploring body movement through yoga, dance, movement games, obstacle courses, and more…

“We had quite a good experience dealing with other childcare centres, but Sunkids works on another level, they are great. Sunkids is truly my child’s second home.”

– Silvia, Sunkids Parent.

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Transitioning to School.

Making the Big Step Small.

The Sunkids Kindergarten Program helps transition children into school through strong working relationships and communication between the Kindergarten Teacher, Parents and Prep Teachers.

Working alongside local schools, we aim to develop a link between Kindergarten and school for the children to assist during this significant period, making the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Throughout the second half of the year, Prep Teachers from local schools are invited into the Centre to meet and interact with the children. This practice supports the children in developing connections with their Teachers before starting school, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in the transition.

Sunkids also complete transition statements for each child. These statements are written from a strengths-based perspective and describes your child’s progress within each of the learning and development areas, and identifies strategies to support your child in their transition to school.

This document, with your permission, is shared with your child’s chosen school to provide your child’s prep teachers with a greater insight into your child, their abilities, and support requirements prior to beginning school.

Help make your child’s big step into school small by enrolling into a Sunkids Kindergarten Program. Enquire online to arrange a meeting with one of our Early Childhood Teachers, or to view our facilities.

Sunkids work closely with Local Schools & Teachers.

In-Centre visits from Local Prep Teachers.

Transition Statements provided to Parents & Prep Teachers.

Collaborative Connections between Sunkids, Parents & Prep Teachers.

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