Junior Kindy Program

Encouraging Independence & Fun.

This routine is flexible and responsive to the children’s ideas, interests and needs. All times provided are subject to change to meet children’s individual routine requirements within the Junior Kindy environment. This routine may differ slightly due to changes in weather and ratios.

Sunkids Junior Kindy

Ages: 24 months – 36 months

Junior Kindy Flexible Daily Routine.

For children aged 24 to 36 months in our Junior Kindy Program, we strike a balance between routine care and encouraging independence. Our flexible daily routine acknowledges the increasing independence of these toddlers.

It includes meals, outdoor and indoor play, rest periods, and nappy changes. We promote self-reliance while providing the necessary support and guidance to foster their growth.

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Centre Open

The day begins with the centre opening its doors, bringing children together in the Senior Room or Yard for initial activities and interaction.


7:00 am

Combined Grouping in the Senior Room or Yard

Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast and the opportunity for outdoor activities, weather permitting.


8:00 am

Nappy Change | Toileting

A scheduled time for diaper changes and toileting to ensure cleanliness and comfort.

sunkids lunch morning tea teatime afternoon tea
sunkids morning tea teatime afternoon tea

9:00 am

Morning Tea

A morning snack break to refuel and energize.


9:30 am

Planned & Spontaneous Outdoor Experiences

Structured and spontaneous outdoor activities that promote exploration and learning.

10:15 am

Nappy Change | Toileting

Another scheduled diaper changes to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

Sunkids Junior Kindy
Sunkids Group time transition Wash hands

10:30 am

Group Time Transition | Wash Hands

Transition into group time activities, preceded by handwashing to promote cleanliness.


11:00 am

Lunch Period Shared in the Piazza

A shared lunchtime experience in the piazza, encouraging social interaction.

11:30 pm

Create Milk Bottles (If Any) & Check Nappies Before Rest Period

Preparation of milk bottles (if required) and a diaper check before the rest period.

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sunkids child care children centre quiet activities

12:00 pm until 2:00 pm 

Rest Time (Quiet Activities for Children Who Are Awake)

Children have the option to rest or engage in quiet activities for those who remain awake.


1:30 pm

Nappy Change | Toileting

Scheduled diaper change and toileting to ensure continued comfort.

2:00 pm

Afternoon Teatime

An afternoon snack break to satisfy hunger.

sunkids morning tea teatime afternoon tea
SUnkids Outdoor play

2:30 pm

Apply Sunscreen, Hats & Shoes On

More playtime, with a focus on both indoor and outdoor activities to keep children engaged.

3:00 pm

Outdoor Play (Weather-Dependent)

Outdoor playtime, contingent on weather conditions.

3:30 pm

Nappy Change | Toileting & Re-Apply Sunscreen

Another diaper change and toileting session, along with reapplication of sunscreen.

4:30 pm

Pack Away the Outdoor Environments

The conclusion of outdoor play, with a focus on tidying up the outdoor areas.

Sunkids outdoor environments
sunkids outdoor playground area our environment

5:00 pm

Combine Indoors and Late Afternoon Snack

Children transition indoors and are provided with a late afternoon snack.

5:30 pm

Nappy Check and Changing

A final diaper check and change as needed before the centre’s closing time.

6:00 pm

Centre Close

The end of the day, when the centre closes, and children are prepared to go home.

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