How Sunkids Help Parents Return to Work.

Jan 20, 2021 | Life @ Sunkids

Returning to work can be a difficult transition to make, which is why Sunkids have developed a Return to Work Program to make this transition as smooth as possible your family. The program allows everyone to take time to ease into new arrangements and adjust to the separation faced when returning to work.

If you are a new parent returning from maternity leave (or paternity leave) or looking to return from an extended period of time off, our Return to Work Program can make the difficult transition easier for you and your family.

The Sunkids Return To Work Program.

Our Return to Work Program consists of 5 areas, designed to offer freedom and flexibility to all families. Our program aims to make the transition into care and back to work an easy and enjoyable process for all.

1. Tailored Return to Work Plans.

Working in conjunction with your child’s Educator, we can develop a plan tailored to the unique needs of your family and work commitments to allow a smooth transition into care and back to work.

2. Orientation Visits.

As you and your child transition into the Centre, we welcome you to attend for orientation visits. These visits allow you to stay with your child in the classroom for as little or as long as your need, and allow you both to build trusting relationships with your child’s Educators and the other children in their room.

3. Ongoing Flexibility.

Once you have returned to the work environment and your child is attending the Centre, we offer continual support and opportunities for you to spend time with your child throughout the day. You are welcome to come and visit your child at the Centre at any time of the day to spend some quality time together. We also actively encourage parents to participate in shared projects within their child’s classroom.

4. Keeping in Touch with Your Child.

Sunkids use the StoryPark app to document the children’s learning, to communicate with parents, and to share video and photo updates with families. Our parents have access to this app to see what learning has taken place and what your child is up to whilst you’re at work.

5. Supporting New Mothers.

Sunkids also supports breastfeeding mothers by encouraging you to visit at any time throughout the day and providing a variety of spaces for you to sit comfortably and breastfeed your child. We have spaces available throughout our Nursery and our private parent room for you to enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Setting a New Standard in Child Care.

We believe our Return To Work Program is a progressive prospect as more families strive to obtain the best of both worlds; a satisfying career and a balanced family life. Sunkids aims to remain as flexible as your workplace in the process of transitioning back into your work routines, and our team of passionate Educators will be there support you along every step.

If you’d like to know more about the Sunkids Return to Work program, or develop a plan for your family, speak to the team at your Sunkids today.