The Physical Environment: The Third Teacher

Aug 8, 2019 | Life @ Sunkids

At Sunkids we value our play environments as “The Third Teacher.” But what does that actually mean?

Our centre’s learning and play environments intend to work in tandem with educators and children to provide a setting that fosters learning in a creative, aesthetic and orderly ambience.

We provide an environment that is beautiful yet engaging; a place where children can feel safe. Instilling a sense of belonging. Our centres express the value we place on childhood, providing a learning and play environment that:

  • Ignites curiosity
  • Promotes a love of learning in children
  • Offers a cosy and homelike atmosphere
  • Provides a setting in which an education may evolve around a child’s ideas and interests

Our child care centres are a place of inspiration and imagination that fosters a love of learning through creative aesthetics.

It is Sunkids core belief that learning spaces are designed to allow self-selection where children are supported to master their own environment.

Children learn best where they feel happy and content. Sunkids Children’s Centres promote children to feel safe, secure and content in taking ownership over how they play.

When providing children with this experience we are encouraging them to display respect and appreciation for the world around them.