The Piazza

Aug 21, 2019 | Life @ Sunkids

A central outdoor gathering place to share food and socialise

Why do Sunkids have Piazzas?

When developing Sunkids Children’s Centres it was our aim to create “Piazzas” to allow the children and educators a place to share beautiful food and conversation.

  • Incorporating the virtues of sharing, caring and orderliness due mealtimes
  • Following our core belief that children learn best in a joyful environment where they feel happy and content
  • Allowing children to have ownership of the space through self-selection and routines

Children setting tables, serving meals, keeping this designated space clean and in order is a large component of incorporating Sunkids beliefs.

The introduction and correct use of a “Piazza” is one aspect embedded as a “Sunkids Difference” within our centres.

Striving to encourage children to honour the environment and utilising the community gathering place to share with one another.