Early Childhood Educator’s Day

Sep 4, 2019 | Industry News, Life @ Sunkids

Wed 4 Sept 2019

Sunkids would like to recognise and celebrate our amazing team of Educators throughout our 14 Centres. Their wonderful contribution is integral to the care and development all children receive when attending a Sunkids Children’s Centre.

We are blessed to have such a passionate team of Early Childhood Centre Managers, Educators and Teachers that are devoted to ensuring that “Every Child Is A Precious Trust.”

The enthusiasm and passion of the Sunkids team provides a home-away-from-home environment. This environment enables children to thrive in learning, playing, interacting with others, developing self confidence and encourages creativity, imagination and inventiveness.

Every child is unique, and as such a greater level of commitment is required to nurture each child’s potential. We are forever proud and grateful of our Early Childhood Centre Managers, Educators and Teachers.

Sunkids would like to say, “Thank You” on Early Childhood Educator’s Day 2019.