Kindergarten Program

Preparing For a Bright Future

This routine is flexible and responsive to the children’s ideas, interests and needs. All times provided are subject to change to meet children’s individual routine requirements within the Kindergarten environment. This routine may differ slightly due to changes in weather and ratios.

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Ages: 4 years – 6 years

Kindergarten Flexible Daily Routine.

In our Government-approved Kindergarten Program, we prepare children aged 48 months and older for school whilst nurturing their independence and curiosity. Our flexible daily routine includes breakfast, indoor and outdoor activities, group time, meals, and rest periods.

We emphasize academic readiness, social skills, and self-confidence; ensuring a smooth transition to formal education while accommodating individual routines and needs.

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Centre Open

Each day begins with the opening of our centre, where children gather in the Senior Room or Yard for a harmonious start to their day.


7:00 am

Offered Breakfast and Outdoor Experiences (Pending on Weather)

Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast and a range of indoor and outdoor experiences, contingent on weather conditions.

8:00 am


A scheduled time for toileting to ensure children’s comfort and hygiene.

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Sunkids lunch

10:00 am

Morning Tea

A delightful morning snack to refuel young minds for the day’s activities.


10:00 am


Another scheduled toileting session to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

10:30 am

Group Time, Programmed Indoor/Outdoor Play

Children come together for group activities, followed by a mix of indoor and outdoor play, with a structured program designed to encourage growth and development.

Sunkids Senior Kindy Program
Sunkids lunch

12:00 am


A nourishing lunch time experience to promote healthy eating habits.


12:00 pm

Nappy Change | Toileting

Scheduled toileting for continued well-being.

12:30 pm 

Rest Period / Quiet Activities

Children have the opportunity to rest or engage in quiet activities to recharge their energy for the afternoon.

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sunkids calamvale ocean discovery explore

2:00 pm


Scheduled diaper change and toileting to ensure continued comfort.

2:30 pm

Group Time Then Transition To Outdoor Play

Group activities are followed by a seamless transition to outdoor play, encouraging both learning and fun.

3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea

A satisfying afternoon snack to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

4:00 pm


Scheduled toileting for continued comfort.

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5:00 pm

Combine Indoors and Late Afternoon Snack

Children transition indoors and are provided with a late afternoon snack.


5:30 pm

Nappy Change | Toileting

A final toileting session.

6:00 pm

Centre Close

The day concludes as the centre closes, and children prepare to head home after a day of structured learning and growth.

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Discover More.

Our child-centred curriculum is individualised to suit your child’s needs as they grow throughout their early learning journey.

Nursery 6 weeks -12 months

Following your home routine, our Nursery Room caters to the needs of your child to nurture them as they develop their first basic skills.

Toddlers 12 - 24 months

Our Toddlers Room allows your child to explore in a safe and enriching environment to develop their emerging abilities, skills and confidence.

Junior Kindy 24 - 36 months

In our Junior Kindy Room, you child will thrive in a nurturing space, engaging in activities that bolster growth, independence, and self-confidence.


Senior Kindy 36 - 48 months

In our Senior Kindy Room, we mix structured tasks with play, group time, meals, and rest. We foster independence and assist with toileting for comfort.

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