Our Approach.

Delivering our proven curriculum through a holistic approach to your child’s early education.

Our Curriculum.

A Curriculum for Holistic Education.

At Sunkids, we have developed our own play-based curriculum which encompasses an emergent style of learning. This means that we listen to each child’s interests and ideas and tailor the learning experiences to meet their individual needs and interests.

Our Educators incorporate key elements such as literacy, mathematics and science into the children’s play experiences, exposing them to these key educational foundations in the most engaging and exciting way.

Providing children ownership over their learning and environments results in our centres being filled with confident and enthusiastic learners who are proud of who they are and what they are capable of.

The Sunkids Curriculum draws on best practice in early education from around the world and has been developed as a combination of 6 key areas of focus…
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Emergent Curriculum

Our emergent curriculum arises naturally from informational educator-child interactions and situations that allow for ‘teachable moments’. It responds to the children’s current interests by connecting learning with experience and prior learning, rather than focusing on pre-set programs or other teacher-driven processes.

The Learning Environment

We place significant emphasis on the learning spaces provided for children in our centres and embrace the environment as a powerful educator in our programs. We create beautiful, engaging places that allow children to engage in activities of their own choosing, spark curiosity and inquiry, invite quite reflections and offer shared project opportunities.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework forms the foundation for ensuring that children in early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning. It has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognizes the importance of communication and language and social and emotional development.

Program Strategy

Our curriculum planning and documentation is a collection of records that track an emergent curriculum. These records evolve from the interests of the children and develop into spontaneous experiences that provide meaningful opportunities to record the children’s learning journey.


Sunkids Edu-Care Tools

Sunkids Educators are trained in specialised educational methods and theories that support them in achieving the Sunkids vision. Educators employ a ‘Virtues approach’ when interacting with children, which is a positive approach to character development. Educators also employ the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ to discover different ways of reaching the children and catering to their various learning styles.

Partnership & Portfolios

We are committed to establishing close, working relationships with parents to honour their primary role as the first and foremost educators of their child. We utilise an online tool to record the individual learning of each child, and families are invited to access this tool at their convenience. These online portfolios are a collection of observations, photos and samples of the children’s learning, and allow us to collaborate with families to establish long-lasting relationships.

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