Our Approach.

The Sunkids Approach.

The Heart of Education is Education of the Heart. We believe that children learn and develop best in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. That’s why at Sunkids our approach to learning goes beyond the standard curriculum and includes the development of your child emotionally. We are here to help complement the work you do at home with your children and to continue that education and support throughout the day. ENQUIRE NOW about a placement for your child.

Our Centres.

Our child care centres are designed to provide secure, age-appropriate environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore. Our best practice policies and procedures include the safest and most innovative facilities. We aim to provide an environment where parents and other family members can feel at home and feel free to call in. FIND A CENTRE NEAR YOU.

The Curriculum.

The core focus of our curriculum is to provide early years education that places the child, their unique circumstances and innate potential, at the centre of decisions and planning. Our curriculum is a response to the emerging knowledge in our society around who children are and how they learn.

Within our programs, children have moved beyond traditional and marginalised developmental domains, to be celebrated as a whole being who brings potential, curiosity and interest in constructing their own learning. The Sunkids Children’s Centres Curriculum draws on best practice from around the world in early childhood education and will continue to evolve as research continues to advance. We are responsive to the changing needs of families, communities and society. Here are the six defining areas of Sunkids Children’s Centres Curriculum.

Emergent Curriculum.

Emergent Curriculum describes the kind of curriculum that evolves when exploring something of interest and personally meaningful to children. Capitalising on these ‘teachable moments’ brings together the child’s motivation around their interest and the teacher’s knowledge of children’s development and learning processes. In this way, the curriculum responds to optimal opportunities for learning and honours the children’s input rather than focusing on pre-set themes or topics driven by the teacher.

The Learning Environment.

Sunkids places significant emphasis on the learning spaces provided for children in our child care centres. We acknowledge that everything in the world is education to young children, and therefore, believe the environment must; allow children to engage in activities of their own choosing, spark curiosity and inquiry, invite quiet, alone time for reflection as well as shared project opportunities, utilise open-ended flexible materials, reflect elements of the ‘real world’ and honour children’s learning processes.

The Early Years Learning Framework.

The Early Years Learning Framework is a holistic outlook on development. Our Curriculum includes: Sense of Self & Others, Health & Wellbeing, Investigation & Discovery, Communication, Contribution & Service, and, Creative Expression.These areas honour the whole development occurring in young children as each encompasses; skills, knowledge, dispositions and virtues, as well as engaging children’s ‘multiple intelligences’.

Sunkids Edu-Care Tools.

Sunkids Educators are trained in specialised educational methods and theories that support them in achieving Sunkids vision for young children.A ‘Virtues approach’ focuses Educators interaction with children on recognising their potential and bringing out the very best in each child. It is a positive approach to character development in young children with a focus on ‘prevention’, as opposed to ‘management’ of behaviour.

An understanding of the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ is another tool employed by staff to discover different ways of reaching the children in our care and catering to their various learning styles.

Program Strategy.

Sunkids approaches and methods for program planning and documentation support our philosophical perspective and emergent style of curriculum. Our emphasis on curriculum arising naturally from interaction with the children, translates to methods for planning and documenting that are flexible in order to convey spontaneous experiences, and highly responsive, to evolve learning opportunities when children are motivated around a topic.

Partner & Portfolios.

We are committed to establishing close, working relationships with parents to honour their primary role as the first and foremost educators of their child. A personal portfolio for each child becomes the record of this co-educational process, with educators and parents contributing to a collection of observations, photos, children’s work, learning stories and other samples of children’s emerging learning and development.

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